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No compromise - Security with usability

The consulting company Eurogrant is handling client’s research ideas and data that is worth millions.

Ideas that are worth millions

Eurogrant is a German consulting company, which supports universities and businesses procuring funding from EU research projects.

The consultants take care of the paperwork so that their clients can focus on their research. German and international customers are sharing strictly confidential innovative ideas and documents with the firm. Needless to say, data security and confidentiality are common practice for the small company’s consultants. And they were looking for a user-friendly cloud storage service with the same standards.

Research and innovation are the engines of growth in every business. Eurogrant supports projects in key industries, such as nanotech, biotech, and production engineering. The time-consuming administration for EU-funded grants can quickly turn into an impossible obstacle for smaller companies. Eurogrant takes care of this and ensures that businesses of all sizes can implement forward-looking ideas and technologies. Professionally qualified applications guarantee equal opportunities in the approval process. To achieve this, the clients are sharing their most valuable ideas and data with the company.

No compromise

Cross-functional teams write applications and reports; everyone works in their area of expertise. Using cumbersome processes with back and forth offline editing was out of the question. Finding a hands-on and efficient cloud solution became vital. Documents and plans can only remain up-to-date with the option to merge different versions, and all team members can access the project files at all times, without creating conflicting versions. Thus Eurogrant was not willing to compromise on usability.

Our most sensitive data are our clients’ ideas. For us, switching to Tresorit is an important precautionary measure.
Frank BösenbergCEO of Eurogrant

The risk of industrial espionage

Many cloud storage providers such as Dropbox are categorically rejected by clients because new development projects are supposed to give them a competitive edge. Industrial espionage would put this at risk. This is why, according to Frank Bösenberg, clients do not feel safe using US providers that are considered "penetrable". Even on-site private cloud solutions were out of the question: "Our small firm is simply unable to afford the expenses and efforts of company servers and IT experts, who keep our security up-to-date." Hence the consultants compiled an extensive list of what a cloud provider has to offer to meet their expectations and started their search for a suitable alternative.

Convincing protection

With Tresorit, this small consulting company is now able to provide a convincing which matches their clients’ high security requirements, in spite of not having an in-house IT department. This information can be easily conveyed in a few uncomplicated sentences, by referring to Tresorit’s hacker competition. Even all of the company-internal data management was converted to Tresorit within mere days. CEO Frank Bösenberg considers the move to Tresorit an important precautionary measure. The consultants and clients are now presented with the desired flexibility - without having to compromise their data security.

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Eurogrant is a German consulting company, which supports universities and businesses procuring funding from EU research projects.







The challenge

  • Collaborative writing may cause file version conflicts

  • Limited resources for IT security

  • Responsibility and liability for confidential research data

  • Clients mistrusting the cloud

Tresorit’s solution

  • Fast sync & version control

  • Cost-efficient implementation without needing their own IT specialist

  • Excellent protection with end-to-end encryption

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