Free Guide:How to secure your corporate e-mail system

When it comes to your e-mail address, you might presume that only you can send an e-mail that originates from that address. Similarly, when you receive an e-mail, you might presume that whoever owns the e-mail address it claims to originate from has sanctioned that message. But there is nothing in the original standards for e-mail that guarantee either of these things. This free guide from the cloud encryption company, Tresorit, gives you a full overview of how to configure your e-mail system to send messages that pass muster and to prevent others from doing the same.

In this free email security guide, you'll learn about:

  • the key principles of email security
  • how to prevent unauthorized users from sending e-mails using domains managed by your organization
  • a list of concrete actions you can take to secure your system

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“When you submit a bid for a Fortune 100 company, you need to explain what data security measures you have in place. With Tresorit, we'll get a leg up on other companies that use Dropbox.”

– Gregory Gulliver - Partner

Reduce the cybersecurity risks of your business

Apart from securing your email system, you should also secure your sensitive corporate data. Learn about how to minimize the risk of data exposure with Tresorit, the ultra-secure content collaboration platform.