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Securing communications for Swiss entrepreneurs on the go

Raiffeisen Unternehmerzentrum nurtures the next generation of Swiss businesses — but it relies on Tresorit to keep company data strictly confidential

A world beyond email

Raiffeisen Unternehmerzentrum (RUZ) supports Swiss entrepreneurs as they cultivate the next generation of disruptive startups and world-leading companies.

Its consultants coach emerging Swiss founders as their businesses evolve, helping them to navigate the challenges of a fast-paced 21st-century marketplace.

Often, that process requires handling sensitive data, such as company accounts and business plans.

RUZ is a daughter company of Raiffeisen Switzerland: the country’s third-largest banking group. But as a separate entity, the organization doesn’t have access to Raiffeisen’s secure online infrastructure.

RUZ needed to find its own way to collaborate with clients quickly and easily, while still meeting their need for robust cybersecurity and data protection.

Many similar companies rely on email — but for RUZ, this was out of the question.

Employees were acutely aware that relying on email and attachments to communicate with clients could easily lead to data falling into the wrong hands.

“I prefer not to send customers’ businesses and financial data via email,” one RUZ employee told Tresorit. “[It] is not secure.”

A better solution

Instead, RUZ started to use Tresorit’s link-sharing feature.

Tresorit’s cloud-based platform allows users to send and receive files with links that verify recipients’ identities.

Once files have been uploaded onto the cloud, they are stored safely using end-to-end encryption. This ensures nobody except the user and their intended recipient can access the data in question — including Tresorit itself.

This industry-leading cryptography, as well as Tresorit’s additional security features, such as automatic access logs, optional watermarks, and download expiration dates, ensure that link-sharing meets all of Raiffeisen Unternehmerzentrum’s stringent internal policies.

RUZ consultants can create individual links for each person and case, and confidential documents can be saved directly onto Tresorit’s encrypted workspace.

But it’s not just employees who reap the benefits. RUZ’s external clients also appreciate that the company puts security first, while an intuitive interface means that customers can also quickly get to grips with the platform themselves.

All of this means that RUZ won’t be turning back to unencrypted email attachments any time soon.

“Sharing data using secure infrastructure like Tresorit is a better way,” RUZ’s employee said.


Raiffeisen Unternehmerzentrum offers consultancy services and coaching to support Swiss entrepreneurs and companies in each stage of their company lifecycle. Their goal is to support them in a fast-paced world with many different challenges and to make them successful. RUZ is part of Raiffeisen Switzerland which is the third largest banking group in Switzerland.






11-50 employees

The challenge

  • Employees required a high-standard secure cloud environment distinct from parent company’s digital infrastructure

  • Need to collaborate and share sensitive financial data with numerous external clients

  • Emails and attachments are not secure for communicating confidential data

Tresorit’s solution

  • Sharing links provide a secure alternative to email attachments

  • Industry-leading end-to-end encryption ensures financial data remains confidential, even in the cloud

  • Intuitive user interface encourages collaboration and ensures files can be easily shared

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