Tresorit 3.0 available for Windows

Tresorit 3.0 available for Windows

We are happy to announce that Tresorit 3.0 is now available for our Windows users as well. With the update, we introduce a completely redesigned user interface. Tresorit 3.0 feels a lot cleaner and easier to use and has several new features that provide you even more control over your files.

Working with Tresorit is now easier and prettier on all major desktop platforms: following the Mac version, Tresorit 3.0 is now available for our Windows community, too.

Our update was inspired by three main objectives: make navigation even easier in the app, provide you a better overview of what’s happening in your tresors and introduce a smoother user experience that fits your file management system.

Here are all the new features of Tresorit 3.0

  • Tresorit Drive

You can access all your Tresorit files securely in your file browser, regardless of how much space you have available on your hard drive or SSD. Tresorit Drive is a useful feature that allows you to access and work on your files without having to store them locally and folder sync or file sync.

  • Pin your tresors for a quicker access to your files

To have your most frequently used tresors always on hand, you can choose to pin them to the top of your tresor list in the desktop applications.  If you are managing several projects in Tresorit, adding a shortcut to the most important folders will save you time.

Tresorit 3.0

  • Know what happens in all of your tresors with “Recents”

The new “Recents” tab will show all file changes in all of your tresors. No further need to click on Activity one by one! The “Recents” tab will be of great assistance especially if you oversee multiple projects that involve lots of file changes by team members.

Tresorit 3.0

  • Keep track of invitations and licenses with the “Pending” tab

You can see all the tresor invitations that are waiting for a response on your “Pending” tab. If you use Tresorit for Business, you can follow the available number of licenses included in your plan as well.

Tresorit 3.0

  • Use Tresorit in French and Spanish

Tresorit now speaks French and Spanish, besides English and German.

Tresorit 3.0 runs on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 as well.

Tresorit 3.0 launches for Windows users within the next weeks. If you are eager to start using it right now, update the app here!

Download Tresorit 3.0 for Windows now