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Reliability and security: It doesn’t have to be an either-or choice when going serverless

International consulting and technology firm chooses Tresorit as a safe and stable alternative to servers

Time to go serverless?

Can you run a business without a server? When Dr Christoph Plapp, owner and managing partner of Logivations, a consulting and technology company for supply chain, logistics and e-commerce, decided to cut the cord and move all business documents to the cloud, it seemed like a no-brainer. With sales and consulting teams, as well as partners and clients all over Europe and beyond, using a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection just didn’t seem to do the job anymore.

“Accessing and sharing documents became something of a daily battle. As we work with huge amounts of data, it either took far too long or required far too much bandwidth. To make things worse, if you had a poor connection, or no internet at all, you couldn’t do anything. There was no way to work on anything offline,” he explains. Stability was also a serious issue. The connection kept dropping because the system couldn’t handle the sheer volume of the data – something a technology firm that uses the latest web and optimization technologies in its solutions, and works with partners like SAP simply cannot afford.

Clouds on the horizon

The question was no longer ‘if’ but ‘how best’ to move to the cloud. One thing is for certain: the Logivations team have certainly done their homework, trying and testing several cloud solutions from Google Drive to Dropbox, and from Microsoft OneDrive to Deutsche Telekom’s services. “No matter where I looked, I just couldn’t find any product I was 100% happy with,” Christoph recalls. “The story usually went like this: the solution was reliable and convenient but had gaping security holes or it was secure but lacked stability or user-friendliness.”

However, security and reliability were the two key features the company was not ready to compromise on. Then one day Christoph came across Tresorit through a simple Google search, read the reviews and decided to give Tresorit Solo, designed for individual users, a go, just to test the waters. He liked the user-friendly interface and the easy syncing process, while Tresorit’s end-to-end encryption gave him the peace of mind he needed for his security concerns. It wasn’t long until all company data, including highly confidential information on customer projects, legal documents as well as invoicing and financial data, was migrated to Tresorit.

I’m really happy with the features Tresorit offers. Finally here’s a tool that not only works perfectly but does so in the background. The system is pretty robust so we don’t have to keep checking, as we used to do, if we’re still connected to it. And ensuring that our data is safe couldn’t be more straightforward. Tresorit’s cloud solution is exactly what we needed.
Dr. Christoph PlappOwner and Managing Partner

Serverless is more

Another benefit is having total control over who has access to the data, for how long and to what degree. “It’s easy to grant and revoke access, and to differentiate between users according to the access levels necessary for them. This is something that we’d struggled with before. And there’s hardly any maintenance needed, even though we store everything that other companies keep on their servers in the cloud,” he adds. And the best thing? Software crashes also seem to be a thing of the past.

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Logivations is an international consulting and technology company with headquarters in Munich, combining expertise in logistics, IT and mathematics to offer a holistic approach to supply chain, warehouse and production logistics, and e-commerce.




Europe, US, Asia



The challenge

  • Other cloud and VPN solutions proved either unreliable or open to data leaks and other security threats

  • Moving business documents into the cloud

  • Sharing confidential documents with partners and clients in Europe and beyond

  • Accessing files without a strong internet connection or offline is either a struggle or not possible at all

  • Data management and maintenance is time-consuming and labour-intensive

Tresorit’s solution

  • Quick, reliable and secure file storage and sharing in the cloud

  • Automatic end-to-end encryption for maximum security

  • Files and folders can be selected for offline access

  • User access to confidential documents is easy to change

  • Syncing is done in the background

Ready to start working securely?

Unlike Dropbox, Tresorit uses built-in end-to-end encryption. Read more

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