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Overcoming technological turbulence to offer truly global security

Tresorit gives customers best-in-class security at any bandwidth

Truly global security

For Swiss-based CARBOGEN AMCIS, customer privacy is a top priority. Working at the cutting edge of the global pharmaceutical industry, the company provides the vital chemical building blocks that researchers need as they create new medicines and carry out clinical trials.

They also help their global customers throughout all parts of the drug development process, working with everyone from small biotechs to large multinational pharmaceutical companies.

In this highly precise and competitive market, customer data and intellectual property demands the highest levels of cybersecurity.

But CARBOGEN AMCIS found it difficult to juggle its commitment to data protection with the technical issues they often faced while working across the globe. Often, employees would need access to data abroad, but would lack a stable fast internet connection.

There was also a constant need for team members to share documents with external and internal partners across different locations — but the company found that common office tools such as OneDrive and SharePoint lacked the right privacy and security settings.

It was time to search for another solution.

Reliable at any bandwidth

One of CARBOGEN AMCIS’ former partners in Switzerland advised the company to talk to Tresorit.

The company now uses Tresorit as a file server to ensure the highest levels of security for their files when on the go or when multiple parties need to participate. Our E2EE zero-knowledge cloud storage provides guarantees privacy for particularly sensitive topics and data.

The organization has not one, but two Tresorit accounts: one for use by the management for board meeting minutes, strategic documents, and employee data, and another for daily business.

This second account acts as a secure project data repository for CARBOGEN AMCIS’ cross-border projects.

The company has manufacturing sites in China, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom, as well as sales and marketing staff across Asia, Europe, and the USA.

Particularly in China, secure access to data was crucial as employees often had no stable internet connection. With previous solutions, staff constantly struggled to upload and download files. With Tresorit, such problems have disappeared, regardless of the available bandwidth.

The benefits of project-based access

Alan Fischer has worked with CARBOGEN AMCIS for 26 years, acting as CIO before being made responsible for innovations and acquisition. He was particularly impressed by Tresorit’s usability, allowing the platform to be shared with external users without the need for additional IT support.

“We use Microsoft OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams, but avoid adding customer data to those systems as the privacy is not guaranteed in the same way as Tresorit does it,” he says.

Using Tresorit, CARBOGEN AMCIS can also invite partners and collaborators from across the globe to share certain files — but they can also revoke access and remove users once a project is finished.

By giving admins more control, Tresorit’s tools ensure that access rights are based on the needs of individual projects — making sure private information truly remains private.


CARBOGEN AMCIS leverages its world-class chemistry skills to provide seamless drug substance, drug products development and commercialization services for leading pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies.


Pharmaceutical Manufacturing


Switzerland, Global


501-1,000 employees

The challenge

  • Protecting customer data and IP with top-of-the-line cybersecurity

  • Accommodating internal and external partners on cross-border projects

  • Accessing data abroad without a stable internet connection

Tresorit’s solution

  • E2EE zero-knowledge cloud storage guarantees privacy and best-in-class security for customer IP

  • Easy for users to invite collaborators and define access rights

  • Ease of use allows intuitive use by external collaborators

  • Secure and reliable access to documents across the globe

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