The cost of unsecure storage

Little Venice Partners reduces costs while collaborating confidentially with over a hundred lawyers and consultants using Tresorit.

Rebuilding trust in the cloud after a breach

Little Venice Partners (LVP) decided they were in need of a secure cloud storage solution, client via Dropbox

The solution needed to function as LVP’s “virtual data room” during transactions. As LVP manages global projects involving many firms at a time, it needed a solution that provided seamless and secure sharing. Additionally, LVP needed to ensure that when a firm’s involvement in a project ended, their access to sensitive files was revoked. Finally, ease of use was also a top requirement as there would be no time for training new firms joining a project.

Seamlessly switching to a secure service

LVP began testing a number of secure alternatives to replace Dropbox. Unlike most mainstream products, secure collaboration services are difficult to integrate into a business’s day-to-day operation. Deployment requires technical expertise, and employees struggle to stay productive as they adapt to a less intuitive service.

After trying a number of products and a recommendation from a business partner, LVP chose Tresorit. It proved to be easier to use, only costs a fraction of the price of a traditional data room, and doesn’t come with IT overhead.

Within minutes of registering for Tresorit, Robert and his associates started sharing documents between several firms. And as it takes only minutes, LVP’s business partners experienced no difficulties installing and using Tresorit. LVP retains total control over its deal documents thanks to Tresorit's permission levels and access policies.

No second thoughts when sharing

Since switching to Tresorit LVP hasn’t experienced any threat to its data, and is able to work with clients confident that its data is shared and stored securely.

The firm has saved a lot of money by reducing its average data room cost of about 600 EUR per user to a fraction of that price using Tresorit.

LVP is currently handling a highly complex merger and acquisition transaction. The deal involves nearly a hundred individuals from several consulting and legal firms. LVP uses DRM (Digital Rights Management) to keep control over which files can be accessed, downloaded, printed, or shared. With Tresorit’s security, LVP feels safe that files can no longer be accessed and distributed after the transaction is over.

Little Venice Partners

Who are Little Venice Partners?

A financial advisory and corporate development firm specializing in transformative financial transactions, creating and extracting wealth. LVP also manages M&A deals from either the buyer or seller's perspective. Based in Mayfair, London, the company works on cross-border projects for clients around the world.


  • Secure sharing services hinder productivity

  • Projects can involve hundreds of participants

  • Secure sharing services hinder productivity


  • Constant control over shared documents

  • Easy to collaborate across multiple organizations

  • Savings of 500+ EUR per consultant each month

  • No IT support required for deployment

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