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DLA Piper Hungary uses Tresorit to send large files safely, securely, and without a fuss

Tresorit’s secure request links take the hassle out of sharing files when size — and security — matter

Where email hits its limits

DLA Piper is one of Hungary’s largest international law firms. Since 1988, the company has provided customers with full-scale legal, tax, and business advisory services, snapping up both national and regional awards.

But while complex legal cases don’t faze DLA Piper’s lawyers, they can provide their own particular administrative challenges. Individual cases can demand hundreds of separate documents: lengthy business contracts, high-resolution images, or multimedia files.

In-built file size limits mean that these large digital documents couldn’t be sent via email.

But DLA Piper’s lawyers were also reluctant to send these sensitive files as attachments, knowing that standard, unencrypted emails wouldn’t keep their clients’ private data safe.

Physical file storage options, like USB sticks and portable hard drives, were inconvenient and unwieldy for lawyers in the field, while shuttling flash drives to and from offices in Hungary and abroad posed even greater security risks.

The company needed a solution that didn’t rely on last century’s technology.

A mark of trust

Today, when DLA Piper Hungary need to share large or sensitive files, they use Tresorit’s encrypted cloud-based platform.

All files stored within Tresorit’s workspace are secured using industry-leading end-to-end encryption. As decryption keys are only stored on users’ individual devices, nobody — not even Tresorit — can read their documents without permission, providing superior protection for client data.

DLA Piper also employs Tresorit ‘s additional security tools for extra security on sensitive files — including password protection, email, and domain verification, and optional notifications when files are opened or downloaded.

“Clients really appreciate that we use Tresorit and that we pay attention to data security. This is an advantage for us,” says a DLA Piper’s spokesperson.

Tresorit’s intuitive user interface means that clients also feel comfortable using the system when sending files to their lawyers.

Uploading and downloading files is easy for customers who are already familiar with similar systems while sharing documents with their intended recipient is as easy as sending a link.

Better integration means better security

Of course, Tresorit isn’t the only IT solution in DLA Piper’s office. The company also uses OneDrive and Microsoft Teams — but DLA Piper spokesperson was of the view that these platforms aren’t as suitable for sharing confidential files as Tresorit.

DLA Piper audits the security level of all of its software — and knows that not every app will make the grade.

DLA Piper’s spokesperson doesn’t trust Microsoft Teams when it comes to sharing sensitive files as much as he has trust in Tresorit’s platform.

Tresorit is now rolling out a new series of upgrades that allow clients to access all the benefits of end-to-end encryption via other platforms.

Tresorit already offers encrypted email integration via Microsoft Outlook, allowing users to encrypt their emails and attachments with a single click.

Full integration with Microsoft Teams is also on the horizon for 2023, allowing companies like DLA Piper to reap the benefits of even greater cybersecurity in their daily workflows.

“We see that big competitors of ours fail to offer similar [cybersecurity] solutions,” says DLA Piper’s spokesperson. “The value of our service is increased by using Tresorit.”


In Hungary DLA Piper has been advising clients since 1988. With more than 50 lawyers, we are one of the biggest international law firms in Hungary, providing full scale legal, tax and business advisory services to our clients.


Legal Services




51-200 employees

The challenge

  • Sending sensitive data-heavy documents that are too large for email

  • Employees need to easily access files when with clients in the field

  • Difficulties using clunky and unwieldy USB sticks and hard drives

Tresorit’s solution

  • Harnessing the ability to share large files via secure links

  • End-to-end encrypted cloud-based platform keeps documents safe

  • Extra security tools provide peace of mind for sensitive files

  • Easy-to-use interface means that clients can also send files via secure request links

  • Planned integration with Microsoft Teams

  • Increased client trust with a visible commitment to cybersecurity

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