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Security services streamlined thanks to Tresorit’s fully compliant collaboration tool

A high-growth Hungarian IT security company uses Tresorit’s secure solution to cover their customers’ most critical security needs, including managed security & TISAX consultancy

Response to digital threats: on-demand & all-round security

Since its inception in 2018, White Hat IT Security has expanded rapidly outside of Hungary to establish a growing customer base globally. The company offers its clients present in 11 countries, including Germany, Japan, Hong Kong and the United States, access to an award-winning managed solution, EU-wide unique training portfolio and the expertise of its senior specialists with NATO Secret level security clearances – with services ranging from ITS consulting and audits (including TISAX preparation) to in-depth vulnerability research and incident management.

Working in cybersecurity calls for secure communication tools that can provide round the clock protection to confidential information exchanges. After mapping all available solutions, Tresorit’s platform came out on top of White Hat’s vendor shortlist based on a complex series of requirements and the advice of external security experts:

We select our partners with great care. Using Tresorit as our central storage and collaboration tool allows us to communicate with our partners with confidence and allows us to keep even our most sensitive incident response files safe. Moving to the cloud with Tresorit was a decision we didn’t make lightly – and one we don’t regret at all!
Sándor FehérCEO at White Hat IT Security

A matter of work ethic: security services should be secured from the ground up

As an IT security company, White Hat already has strict rules around storing confidential work files, containing highly sensitive, NDA-regulated and sometimes even dangerous data. Therefore, it was essential for them to utilise an encrypted file sharing tool that offers precise access logs for files/user activities.

We send out custom offers with exact work methods to our partners; and they entrust us with their complete infrastructure topologies, access methods, and other protection-worthy business secrets. We create security status reports, incident analysis and vulnerability inventories and they share their internal contact data for phishing campaigns with us. In our line of work, nearly all of the data we exchange is sensitive, secret or both. This made our choice of storage solution both mission-critical and image-defining.
Sándor FehérCEO at White Hat IT Security

Tresorit’s solution allows White Hat to respond to the growing threat of cyberattacks by quickly establishing secure workspaces for projects without creating separate accounts for their clients – a crucial component to White Hat’s success in providing scalable and adaptive managed security services for companies in need of enterprise-grade security for newly established workstations or ‘endpoints’ of diverse platforms.

Next milestone: making automotive customers TISAX-ready

White Hat’s objective for 2021 is to support their automotive customers’ goals around information security and data protection related to TISAX – by helping their customers understand the challenges of fulfilling the strictest TISAX requirements and preparing them for the TISAX audit.

Due to continuous development of self-driving cars and alternative-fuelled vehicles, the automotive industry is a prime target for cybercriminals. White Hat aims to help automotive customers on their journey towards TISAX with comprehensive analysis and consultancy, while Tresorit can present a critical IT tool for safeguarding sensitive automotive data across their value chain.
Sándor FehérCEO at White Hat IT Security

Even with full TISAX compliance, an external MSSP and regular audits, IT security is a continuous process. However, with strong alliances like Tresorit, White Hat can remove a huge part of their clients’ security concerns and risks from their processes, to concentrate on what really matters.

Building on our partnerships, we continue to steer a course towards expanding our operations in Europe, primarily within Germany. With prominent partners like Audi and Mobotix AG, we offer a proven solution with the help of strong advocates for digital security as the bedrock of the automotive industry’s future.
Sándor FehérCEO at White Hat IT Security


White Hat IT Security is an IT security service company, offering a diverse range of managed security solutions and on-demand cyber services, incident response and training courses.


Information Technology, Security, MSSP




10 – 49

The challenge

  • Secure storage and sharing of highly confidential data (e. g. vulnerability inventories, security reports or malware analysis)

  • Collaboration with clients in critical situations (e. g. during incident response)

  • Compliance with the strictest industry security regulations (e. g. TISAX, GDPR)

Tresorit’s solution

  • Encrypted storage and file sharing with multi-factor authentication for highly sensitive data

  • Secure and fast-performing file sharing tool for collaboration with clients that can be deployed easily

  • Secure solution supporting compliance (e. g. TISAX, GDPR) with a wide range of security features, detailed access logs and admin reports

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