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Tresorit helps healthcare providers collaborate securely across continents

Tresorit’s cloud-based collaboration tools help coordinate an international team of healthcare professionals while keeping data secure

MD Group is on a mission to make life better for patients taking part in clinical trials.

Based in the UK, the company deploys a team of mobile nurses and other healthcare professionals across the world, who travel to patients’ homes to carry out tests and clinical procedures, or to provide support as part of clinical trials.

This geographically diverse workforce share sensitive medical information between clinical managers, nurses, doctors and hospitals, as well as universities and researchers – this needs to be done reliably and securely.

With its flexibility, cloud-based approach, and stringent security protocols that meet HIPAA and GDPR requirements, Tresorit’s platform provides an optimal solution.

MD Group has been using Tresorit for over 2 years to share information and documents with healthcare professionals on the frontline, and has been impressed with its reliability and ease of use.

“In just 30 seconds or less, you see what’s happening with those clinical trials,” says one MD Group spokesperson. They said that they “instantly saw” the value of Tresorit — and particularly features that would allow them to track who had accessed each document.

“It’s invaluable to see all the data, and the audit trail,” they say. “That trail is crucial to comply with ICH Good Clinical Practice standards (a requirement for clinical trials). That includes understanding who accesses, edits, deletes, touches or downloads any of the data.”

Data security in the field

For MD Group, what sets Tresorit apart is its flexibility in the field, allowing the company to connect with its healthcare professionals and with what’s happening in its patients’ homes in real-time.

Before each home or hospital visit, MD Group’s clinical managers can create a password-protected folder filled with all the documents that a nurse will need.

The folder can be organized with separate sub-categories for different patients, tests, and document types, before being shared securely with a nurse anywhere in the world.

During their visit, nurses can use the Tresorit mobile app to scan and upload documents, data, and pictures into the same folder. As clinical managers also have access to this folder, they can review the uploaded documents, and can guide or support nurses in the field if extra action is required to safeguard the patient’s health or well-being. Critically, capturing images and sending documents via the mobile app leaves no digital footprint on the healthcare professional’s device, ensuring the patient data is kept secure.

Communicating within Tresorit in this way also removes the need to use instant messaging apps or SMS messages — all of which pose their own increased security risks.

Constantly striving for better security

Tresorit has already contributed to how MD Group nurses work and communicate. Now, newly added Tresorit features continue to help the company improve and evolve.

“Functionalities have changed, new features have arrived, so we now use it more robustly,” says MD Group’s spokesperson.

As MD Group’s team continued to explore the Tresorit platform, they were able to find new features which could help them in different ways.

The MD Group team also has a dedicated Tresorit admin contact who can help them navigate the platform and ensure that the company is getting real value for money. That includes helping MD Group to pause licenses they don’t need in a bid to accommodate changing work schedules across their international team.

“[Tresorit] became an even better tool once we started utilizing it in all the possible ways,” says the spokesperson for MD Group.


MD Group is on a mission to make life better for patients taking part in clinical trials around the world, and their caregivers. Their solutions focus on the four key elements of a successful clinical trial: recruitment, engagement, retention and trial outcomes. Combining in-house technology platforms with 24/7 truly personalized patient care, MD Group focuses on creating remarkable patient experiences at every stage of the clinical journey.


Pharmaceutical Manufacturing


HQ in Bracknell, Berkshire


51-200 employees

The challenge

  • Platform needed to accommodate a large, international network of team members in a way that is compliant with all laws and regulations

  • Solution needed to be compliant with data privacy regulations

  • Platform needed to be easy to use and reliable in the field

Tresorit’s solution

  • Creating a platform available via mobile or desktop app, leaving no digital footprint of sensitive data on the device

  • Providing a cloud-based collaboration platform that uses end-to-end encryption to keep data completely secure

  • Easy-to-use tools that will provide a complete audit trail and ultimate accountability

  • Documents available to all parties in real-time

  • Platform tools can be used to communicate securely without the need for instant messengers or SMS

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