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Securing sensitive R&D emails with a single click

Swedish firm Vivesto knows about the benefits of specialization — and wanted a dedicated security solution to match their vision.

Specialized security for specialized companies

Swedish firm Vivesto knows about the benefits of specialization.

The organization started life as a full-scale pharmaceutical company before focusing all of its efforts on research and development (R&D), working on new therapeutic options for patients suffering from hard-to-treat cancers.

But working within this field also means handling confidential information on a daily basis: from reams of raw patient data to high-level business contracts.

Employees needed to send these documents to external collaborators. But Vivesto knew that once these files were sent as email attachments, they would have no control as to how the documents were viewed — and if they were surreptitiously passed on.

If confidential data fell into the wrong hands, the organization could face astronomical costs, a company spokesperson told Tresorit.

As a specialized business, Vivesto needed a specialized security solution.

It started using Tresorit’s cloud-based workspace for in-office and external collaboration, relying on the platform’s industry-leading end-to-end encryption to keep the sensitive data firmly under its control.

Now, instead of sending unsecured emails, Vivesto’s team makes the most of Tresorit’s Outlook plugin to encrypt their messages with a single click.

“Tresorit is really easy to use with the Outlook plugin,” explains Rasmus Hånberg, IT Manager at Vivesto. “[It’s] a huge win for us. Other solutions don’t offer the same privacy and security level.”

Time well spent

Today, Vivesto’s internal IT policy mandates that all confidential information is shared with partners via Tresorit.

Introducing employees to a new IT solution is always challenging. But Vivesto’s tech support team found that Tresorit was straightforward for their workforce to use.

As Vivesto’s team found Tresorit easy to navigate, the company’s IT specialists didn’t need to produce time-consuming how-to guides. Instead, they could better use their time and concentrate their efforts where they were needed most. Tresorit’s Admin Center allowed the technical team to see which users were active on the platform. If an employee appeared to be struggling with the platform and logging little in the way of activity, the IT team could identify them and reach out to offer extra support.

Constant development

But while Tresorit’s hassle-free user interface measures up with other platforms designed for a non-IT savvy public, Vivesto’s security team can rest safe in the knowledge that Tresorit’s cloud-sharing security is a cut above standard mass-market offerings.

Seeing Tresorit’s ongoing effort to develop new tools and improve its existing features that reaffirm Vivesto’s decision to place its trust in a specialized platform.

The company’s information security officers can make use of additional data protection features, such as watermarks, link expiration dates, and passwords for file sharing. Tresorit records which users open a file and when, creating a ready-to-use audit trail for sharing data.

Meanwhile, Vivesto’s IT team benefits from advanced controls in the platform’s admin center, which allows them to control and monitor user activity and reset passwords if needed.

“Tresorit offers a much higher level of security for confidential files and control over data than most other solutions. It matches the cybersecurity and data protection needs we have” says Rasmus.


Vivesto is a specialty pharma company dedicated to improving the lives of patients by enhancing the intravenous delivery of established and novel drugs in significant diseases, including cancer.


Pharmaceutical Manufacturing




51-250 employees

The challenge

  • Protecting high-risk R&D data, confidential patient information and agreements

  • Controlling sensitive information even after it has been sent to external partners

  • Ensuring employees follow IT guidelines and policies for secure file sharing

  • Need to move away from insecure email attachments

Tresorit’s solution

  • Tresorit Outlook plugin enables secure email communication

  • Retaining control over documents sent externally with watermarks and passwords

  • Admin Center provides an overview of user activity so that IT admins can use time more efficiently

  • Intuitive interface ensures that every employee can follow cybersecurity policies

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