Following iCloud photo breach, majority of Americans are still at risk

Following iCloud photo breach, majority of Americans are still at risk

You must have heard by now that unknown hackers broke into more than 100 celebrities’ iCloud account, and stole their private photos stored in the cloud. The pictures then have been published online, which made this recent event one of the most shocking cases of privacy violation to-date.
Let’s get this straight: there will always be risk associated with keeping sensitive files online. But there are a large number of tools out there that can help minimize these risks and are available for the average internet user.

But are people taking advantage of these? We wanted to find out, so with the help of independent research firm YouGov, we surveyed 1,000 Americans whether they learnt from the celebrities’ misfortune.


The answer is staggering – just over a third of them beefed up security. Most created stronger passwords or changed privacy settings, some turned on two-step verification. Only a precious few started using more secure services to store sensitive files.

But even more shocking – 65% did not take any steps to protect themselves. Is this because they simply don’t care? Or they just don’t know where to get started? What do you think? Are YOU doing anything differently than before the iCloud incident?
We have investigated the answer to some of the above questions too. You can find out more from our next blog post.