HR teams manage more confidential files than executives

HR teams manage more confidential files than executives

More than 500 people used our tool to learn more about protecting their confidential files. Anonymized submissions revealed that HR, Executive, and Legal teams manage the most sensitive data. 

Due to Tresorit’s end-to-end encryption, we know nothing about our users’ files. It is technically impossible for us to read them. However, we wanted to help our users to understand the level of confidentiality of their documents. With that goal, we created a self-assessment tool with data protection tips for professionals.

We were excited to see that more than 500 professionals at small and medium-sized businesses used our tool within a couple of days. What did we learn from the anonymized submissions?

  • There is a lot to protect. Two-thirds of the document types professionals work with are strictly confidential or suitable only for limited use.
  • Data security is teamwork. As all teams work with sensitive data, protecting it must be a priority across the whole organization.
  • HR teams know the most. HR managers are responsible for the most confidential data. They also handle the largest variety of confidential files. Following HR, the Executive and the Legal team are on the top three when it comes to managing sensitive documents.

Are you interested in exploring what we found out? Scroll down for our infographic!

Infographic_Data protection at SMBs

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