Introducing next-gen folders for sharing subfolders

Introducing next-gen folders for sharing subfolders

We’ve got some news that we’re super excited about – our most requested feature ever, subfolder sharing, is now available! Stay in control of your data with next-gen folders, our newest option for secure file sharing and collaboration. In next-gent folders, you can grant access to subfolders to anyone with a Tresorit account.

For now, when you create new folders, you’ll be able to choose from two folder types: next-gen and classic folders. This is a temporary step until we develop next-gen folders further. In next-gen folders, you can invite anyone with a Tresorit account to subfolders without having to share the entire main folder with them, making next-gen folders ideal for project work. By inviting colleagues only to specific subfolders within a folder, you can ensure that the right people have access to the right level of information.

This also means that you don’t have to change your existing folder structure when moving folders and files to Tresorit, not only making collaboration easier to manage, but more secure as well. You can easily set permissions for different members, and revoke access to subfolders once it’s no longer needed. Sharing subfolders without revealing the entire content of the rest of the folder improves security practices and leads to better information management.

At Tresorit, we’re committed to delivering features that not only make collaboration and teamwork more secure, but smooth as well, which is also why we take time to listen to our customers’ feedback. Next-gen folders are our latest step towards making security simple for every business.

To learn more about how subfolder sharing works, visit our Knowledge Base.