Introducing your tresor activity history tracker

This week we are rolling out a new feature called Activity Wall, which lets you check your tresor’s activity history. Surely we love productive teamwork. Productivity starts with being on the same page with your team. This is what Activity Wall is good for.

3 ways the new Activity Wall helps you

Scrolling over tresor activity history, you will be able to see whether your colleagues added the file, you should start working; has someone edited the presentation since you last left it and also lists new members.


See who did whatSee who did what!

Access recently modified filesAccess recently modified files from your activity wall

Create encrypted linksSend the file with an encrypted link!

Unlimited activity history is a Tresorit Pro feature. We love effective teamwork, so as long as the Wall is in beta stage, all of you can enjoy its full glory. When we roll it out, only 7 days of activities will be visible to free users.

Let us know how Activity Wall works for you and give us your thoughts on new features.

We are currently working on our blog, so the discussion is moved to our social channels. Let’s be friends on Facebook or Twitter!

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