IT Security Podcast: Why End-to-End Encryption Can Fail Your Administration

IT security

Cybersecurity has become a primary concern for organizations and individuals. With the rise in cyberattacks and data breaches, there is a growing need for advanced security measures to keep sensitive data safe from criminals and espionage. One such security measure that has gained immense popularity in recent years is end-to-end encryption. However, as useful as it may be, it can have flaws.

In one of the previous it-sa 365 IT Security Talks sessions, Tresorit CISO and co-founder Szilveszter Szebeni will explore the importance of zero-knowledge tech and why end-to-end encryption sometimes fails to deliver on its promises. The session is now available as a podcast.

End-to-end encryption (E2EE) has taken over the world and become a standard security feature in many communication and data storage applications. E2EE is a measure that ensures that the data being processed is protected by encryption from client to client. In simple terms, it means that only the sender and recipient have the keys to access the data.

Beware of shadow IT

Despite its popularity, E2EE does not always fulfill its promises. One of its biggest issues can be usability. E2EE is as comprehensive as complex, and it requires a certain level of technical knowledge to implement and manage. This complexity often leads to the use of shadow IT solutions that bypass official solutions and measures, leading to increased security risks. Employees may opt for consumer-grade solutions that are easier to use but are not as secure as their enterprise-grade counterparts. This makes it imperative for organizations to invest in user-friendly E2EE solutions.

Another issue with end-to-end encryption is key rotation. Encryption keys are used to lock and unlock the data. If these keys are compromised despite additional IT security measures, the encrypted data can be easily accessed. Key rotation is an important aspect of encryption as it ensures the keys are changed regularly. This makes it difficult for hackers to access the data. However, key rotation can be complex too, and if not managed properly, can result in data loss.

New standard for secure data processing

Tresorit’s approximately 30-minute it-sa 365 IT Security Talks session explores these issues in detail and provides insights on how to overcome them. As Tresorit's Szilveszter Szebeni himself has helped develop storage, sharing, and signing solutions that are designed to be privacy-focused yet user-friendly, he has two or three inside stories to share. This is your chance to get first-hand insights, so listen now.

E2EE remains a powerful security tool that has become a standard in today's digital world. However, its complexity and lack of usability can lead to increased security risks. Tresorit has got you covered and provides you with insights on how to overcome these issues and ensure that organizations leverage the power of collaboration tools without compromising on security.