Joint Webinar: Messenger Services in a Business Environment

Joint Webinar: Messenger Services in a Business Environment

The world of cybersecurity is an ever-evolving landscape, where safeguarding your organization's data and communication channels is of paramount importance.

In light of the rising cyber threats and the need for a robust defense strategy, we are thrilled to unveil a collaborative webinar featuring Threema and Tresorit, two leading names in secure communication and file sharing.

You can listen to the webinar below.

In this exclusive webinar, we delved into the critical aspects of securing your business against cyber threats, protecting your data, and ensuring privacy, all through the power of secure messaging and file sharing. Miguel Rodriguez, Chief Revenue Officer at Threema GmbH, and Peter Stössel, Chief Revenue Officer at Tresorit will guide you through the strategies and solutions that are essential in the modern digital landscape.

The Growing Threat to Privacy and Data

Cybersecurity incidents are on the rise, and the consequences are becoming increasingly severe. Ransomware attacks, data breaches, and cyber threats pose a substantial risk to organizations. In 2021, the German business sector incurred a total damage of €223.5 billion due to cybercriminal activities. Shockingly, a ransomware attack takes place approximately every 11 seconds worldwide.

Protecting Your Communication and Data Sharing: A Top Priority

To develop an effective cybersecurity strategy, protecting communication channels and secure data sharing should be the first step. It's essential to recognize that 91% of all cyberattacks start with a phishing email, and a staggering 90% of phishing attacks through messaging apps are sent via WhatsApp. Ransomware attacks in Europe saw a 234% increase in 2021, with an average cost of €18 million for organizations.

Moreover, your employees can be a significant entry point for cyberattacks, with 88% of data breaches attributed to human error. To mitigate this risk, your employees must be part of your cybersecurity plan. Using secure instant messaging solutions and having a crisis communication plan in place is essential.

Challenges of Private Messengers and File Sharing

Many organizations turn to private messaging apps and file-sharing platforms to facilitate communication and collaboration. However, these platforms often lack administrability, configurability, and robust security features, making them less than ideal for business use. Ensuring that your messaging and file sharing tools are secure is crucial.

Secure Communication and Privacy Preservation with Threema

Threema has been a pioneer in secure communication since 2012, consistently prioritizing user information and privacy protection. With over 11 million users trusting Threema for personal communication and secure file sharing, and more than 7,500 companies and government bodies relying on Threema Work and Threema OnPrem solutions, Threema stands as a steadfast guardian of information and privacy.

Transparency is another key element. Threema's apps are open source, and its servers are located in a highly secure Swiss data center, “ISO 27001”-certified. Threema Work is GDPR-compliant and aligns with NIS2 and DORA regulations, ensuring comprehensive protection.

Secure File Sharing with Tresorit

When it comes to secure file sharing, Tresorit is a leading name in the industry. Tresorit provides end-to-end encryption for your files, ensuring that they remain confidential and protected from unauthorized access. Businesses can securely share and collaborate on documents, reducing the risk of data breaches.

Tresorit's robust security features include zero-knowledge encryption, advanced access control, and secure file synchronization. These features make it a valuable addition to your cybersecurity strategy, ensuring that sensitive files are safe, even when shared with external partners.

Tresorit's approach revolves around the idea that data protection should not be limited to tech-savvy individuals, but should be within reach for everyone. This user-centric approach ensures that encryption becomes a seamless part of your organization's workflow.

User-Friendly Design: Tresorit's user-friendly design is one of its standout features. With a simple and intuitive interface, even non-technical users can securely share files without the need for extensive training. Usability in encryption is not just a goal for Tresorit but a core principle.

Zero-Knowledge Encryption: Just like Threema, Tresorit employs zero-knowledge encryption, a security model that guarantees your data's privacy. In a zero-knowledge system, only you have access to your encryption keys, ensuring that even Tresorit cannot access your data. This approach guarantees that the encryption process is robust while maintaining ease of use.

Advanced Access Control: Tresorit also offers advanced access control, allowing you to define who can access your encrypted files and folders. With easy-to-manage permissions and sharing settings, you have control over who can view, edit, or download your data, further enhancing usability and security.

A Comprehensive Solution: Tresorit's commitment to usability in encryption is evident in its holistic approach. From secure sharing to data access control and synchronization, Tresorit offers a comprehensive solution that ensures your organization can protect sensitive data without sacrificing usability.

Staying Secure and Productive

With Threema and Tresorit combined, your organization can create a secure, user-friendly environment for communication and data sharing. Their solutions make data security a seamless part of your daily operations, protecting your organization from cyber threats while preserving the usability that is essential for productive work.

If you missed this webinar, you can now watch it below.