Take control over your email attachments with Tresorit for Outlook

Take control over your email attachments with Tresorit for Outlook

We are happy to introduce Tresorit for Outlook. Our new tool helps you replace unsecure email attachments and keep control over your files without interrupting your workflow.

How often do you attach documents containing sensitive information to your emails? Whether it’s a contract, a financial plan or a medical file, once you hit the Send button, you no longer have control over the files.

Please find attached…

The majority of business communication happens via emails, and multiple things can go wrong with attachments. Here are some scenarios:

Employee mistakes and human error

  • Case 1: Wrong email recipients
    The HR intern accidentally sends the payroll records including information of the staff to all the contacts on the company’s mailing list. As you imagine, the damage is done, there is no way to get it back or revoke access.
  • Case 2: Forwarding the attachment
    The sales rep sends a personalized price quote to a prospective client who later, accidentally or intentionally,  shares it with another company

Cybersecurity risks: hacked email accounts or devices 

  • Case 3: Email breach
    An investor sends out a highly confidential term sheet to a partner. If his or her mailbox gets compromised, the attached file will also be revealed.

Tresorit for Outlook Add-in: secure and easy-to-use

Having more control over file attachments is crucial to data security and privacy.
If you are a Tresorit user, you know that with Tresorit Links, you can share files securely, revoke access, set download limits and password protect your files with encrypted URLs. But, we wanted to make things even more seamless and save you some extra seconds.

Our new Tresorit for Outlook integration saves you the extra step of copy-pasting the URL, so you can send a file securely without leaving Outlook.

All you need to do is to attach a file and the add-in will convert it automatically into an encrypted Tresorit Link. The recipient will be able to download the file securely via the Link, even without having a Tresorit account.

Illustration for Outlook add-in blog_s1 Keep control over your files

  • End-to-end Encryption: Encrypting the attachment directly on your device, with zero-knowledge method
  • Revoke access
  • Set an expiration date for the attachment
  • Limit the number of downloads
  • Additional password protection for the ultimate control over the file (Tresorit for Business)
Illustration for Outlook add-in blog_s2 No need to interrupt your daily workflow

  • Lets you send files securely directly from your mail client
  • Automatically converts your attached files to encrypted Tresorit Links (1 GB)
  • Recipients don’t need to be Tresorit users to download your file

You can install Tresorit for Outlook from your Settings menu. Supported Office versions: Office 2010, 2013, 2016.

You can also protect your Outlook attachments with Tresorit!

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