This is how you stop security meltdowns!

This is how you stop security meltdowns!

2013, the “Year of Broken Trust”, saw a record rise in the number of data breaches. Many security experts argued that 2014 must be the Year of Encryption if these attacks are to be stopped. Companies were advised to start deploying advanced encryption solutions, and software vendors to implement such encryption into their services. Even Edward Snowden argued for the widespread use of end-to-end encryption.

The reality turned out to be quite the opposite: eBay’s 145 million compromised account shows that the situation got worse. The growing number of data breaches is worrying.

We popped the question to both experts and companies: if the solution, namely end-to-end encryption is out there why don’t people use it? It turns out that the current generation of security services are hard and inconvenient to use, so users abandon them quickly, even if a business reluctantly changes their workflows to deploy one.

This shows ease of use is not a ‘nice to have’ feature in security anymore. A new generation of secure services need to combine usability with top notch security. That’s the only way to make data security a reality in the post-Snowden world.

To prepare for the shift in how secure services are designed, we compiled a visual guide to the past year for you. Get the full sized infographic from here!

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