Simple, Secure Collaboration, File Sync and Sharing for your Business

Tresorit is an encrypted Enterprise File Sync & Share (EFSS) solution helping you store, sync and share files securely in the cloud. End-to-end encrypted, easy access anytime, anywhere.

Trusted by 10,000+ organizations worldwide

Secure file sync and sharing built for SMBs and Enterprises

Businesses around the world are facing regulations, like the GDPR or HIPAA, that require them to handle confidential data in a secure, compliant way. Their clients are demanding increasing levels of security as well, but traditional ways of sharing files over email, or accessing documents via FTP & VPN, all have security flaws. Also, the popular cloud-based EFSS solutions like such as Dropbox, Box or OneDrive only employ server-side encryption. This means that any data you store on their servers is encrypted using a master key to which the server administrators have access.

Tresorit's Enterprise File Sync & Share (EFSS) solution empowers your employees to access files anywhere and collaborate internally and externally while keeping confidential information safe and intellectual property secure. Due to zero-knowledge, end-to-end encryption technology, Tresorit cannot hand over or accidentally reveal any of your data.

Share easily with clients, partners and other teams Share easily with clients, partners and other teams

Share files securely internally & externally

Automatic file synchronization. Tresorit updates your files in real-time and automatically adds any edits you make to your online backup. That way, you and your partners can access the latest version of your data from any device.

Replace email attachments. Non-secure email attachments and other file sync and sharing methods can be easily replaced with Tresorit links and their added control options.

Keep control. Create download links to share large files or folders with people outside your company. Keep control by setting up download limits, expiration dates, and a password for extra protection.

Replace risky email attachments Replace risky email attachments

Stay in sync with your team in a secure and convenient way

Upload your existing folder structure. Keep the way you like to organize your files when you upload them to the cloud. No need to change what is already on your computer. Uploading a backup only takes a few clicks.

Manage who can see your files. Decide if files can be copied, emailed, printed or shared. Revoke access anytime.

Recover deleted files and any file versions. Restore files deleted accidentally or due to ransomware. Keep track of changes by your collaborators, solve version conflicts and use unlimited file versioning to roll back any previous version.

Replace risky email attachments Replace risky email attachments

Access, Share and Collaborate on Files Anywhere

Access files on mobile and tablet. Tresorit's mobile apps come with built-in end-to-end encryption. No need to bother with integrations, encryption is automatic and happens without you noticing it.

Stay safe on any device. When you upload your files to the Tresorit cloud, nothing leaves your devices unencrypted. End-to-end encryption keeps your file content private when sending or downloading files on the go.

Protect against lost devices. Add additional authentication steps, unlink the device from your account and wipe the files in case a device gets lost or stolen.

enterprise-file-sync-and-share Apogee Law Group enterprise-file-sync-and-share Little Venice Partners enterprise-file-sync-and-share Alpha Independent Mortgages

“When you submit a bid for a Fortune 100 company, you need to explain what security measures you have in place. With Tresorit, we’ll get a leg up on other companies that just use an EFSS like Dropbox"

– Gregory Gulliver, Apogee Law Group, a law firm specialized in helping Fortune 100 corporations, small businesses, and individuals with all their Intellectual Property legal needs

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“After a partner's Dropbox account was compromised, switching to Tresorit couldn't have been simpler for us. Their customer service is some of the best I've ever experienced."

– Robert Frodsham, Little Venice Partners, a financial advisory and corporate development firm specializing in transformative financial transactions

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“Clients were frustrated with encrypted email, and often sent sensitive documents in plain email. Sharing with Tresorit is easy. Handling their documents securely sets us apart from our competitors."

– Guy Applebee, Alpha Independent Mortgages, an insurance and mortgage advisor firm from the UK

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Protect your business from common security threats

Ransomware attacks and stolen or lost company devices put your confidential data in danger. With Tresorit’s EFSS offering, IT admins can mitigate these risks and maintain control and compliance over access and sharing of business files

  • Replace risky email attachments Replace risky email attachments

    Restore data lost due to ransomware

    Ransomware is a growing security risk for businesses. Easily recover your deleted files that are lost if you fall victim to a malware attack. Restore files simply when you delete them by accident.

  • Manage who can see your files

    Recover passwords for your team members

    Use Advanced Control to recover passwords for business users. Revoke access from a device during employee off-boarding or in case it is lost or stolen.

  • Manage who can see your files

    Create trust by matching the design with your brand

    When sharing confidential information, your own logo plays a central role in maintaining the trust of co-workers, clients and partners. Easily personalize your file sync interfaces with Custom Branding.



Entrust your data to a secure and compliant cloud storage provider.

  • Certified data centers

    The data centers used by Tresorit are audited for ISO27001:2005, SSAE 16 and several other certifications. We use Microsoft Azure data centers located in the EU, in Ireland. Learn more about our data centers

  • ISO 27001 certification

    Tresorit has a certification for compliance with ISO 27001:2013. Tresorit was audited and certified by TÜV Rheinland, an independent third-party auditor. Our compliance with this internationally-recognized standard and code of practice is evidence of our commitment to information security at every level of our organization. Learn more about our ISO 27001 certification

  • GDPR

    The GDPR highlights encryption as one of the technology measures to ensure data protection and compliance. With Tresorit's end-to-end encryption technology, your encryption keys that unlock your data are stored on the client side, on your device. Unlike in-transit or at-rest encryption, only you and those who you share with have access to the information. Learn more about GDPR and encryption


    With its zero-knowledge, end-to-end encrypted technology, Tresorit offers a HIPAA compliant cloud storage solution. Tresorit signs HIPAA Business Associate Agreements (BAA) for customers who seek HIPAA compliance to safeguard Protected Health Information (PHI). Learn more about HIPAA compliance

Centralized control over information

Centralized control over information

Set up security policies on your Admin Center to avoid accidental breaches caused by employee errors.

  • Define security policies

    The owner and admins of a Tresorit Business and Enterprise Account can apply policy templates to a set of users and create different policies to each template. Also, the admins can modify these policies at any moment. Policy templates include: 2-Step Verification, IP filtering, Timeout policies, Allowed Devices and Sharing policies.

  • Monitor device and user statistics

    Admins can monitor and decide which devices are allowed to be used to access files within your company and where users are allowed to log into the company account to safeguard business-critical documents.

  • Revoke access from users and devices

    Tresorit Advanced Control enables Tresorit Business and Enterprise admins to enhance the security of their organization by resetting their users' lost passwords and revoke access from lost or stolen devices. Learn more about Advanced Control

  • Restore data lost due to ransomware

    Businesses increasingly face ransomware attacks that threaten their security. Tresorit allows you to recover your deleted files that are lost due to a malware attack with ease. Tresorit also lets you restore files simply in case you accidentally delete them. Learn more about Ransomware protection

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Tresorit is among the top companies that compete in the Enterprise File Sync & Share market, and it offers lots of flexibility for businesses.

Tom's IT Pro

The enterprise-level security, best-in-class applications, and myriad features make Tresorit an enterprise cloud standout.


Using the Tresorit Admin Center, administrators are able to enforce vital policies, including 2-factor authentication, user access by location and device.


Tresorit’s zero-knowledge e2e encryption architecture means that, unlike cloud storage giants like Dropbox, Tresorit cannot decrypt and access users’ files

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Simplicity, security and lots of features that make this a powerful collaboration tool.

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Keep control over your files