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GDPR Resources

Learn more about getting your business ready for the GDPR from Tresorit's expert materials.


The GDPR defines an extended set of rights for European Union citizens and residents regarding their personal information. Consequently, it describes strict requirements for companies and organizations on collecting, storing, processing and managing personal data.

Key facts

  • Applicable from May 25, 2018Applicable from May 25, 2018
  • Fines up to 4% of global revenueFines up to 4% of global revenue
  • Applies to every company doing business in the EUApplies to every company doing business in the EU
  • Chance to enhance consumer trustChance to enhance consumer trust

Most frequent questions

Webinars on GDPR and cloud security

Our legal, compliance and cryptography experts share tips and best practices on ensuring GDPR compliance for small and medium sized businesses.

  • Cloud security for businesses

    5 key steps for SMBs to GDPR compliance

    Learn how to locate, identify, and protect personal data in your company before the GDPR deadline. Watch now

  • Securing the cloud

    Securing the cloud

    Learn the main data protection principles and impacts of the GDPR from legal and technology experts. Register now

Experts on the GDPR blogposts and articles

Discover hands-on advice about how the GDPR affects your business. Dive more deeply into the technical details of data privacy.

  • What is personal data?

    What is personal data?

    Learn what personal, sensitive and confidential data is. Read more

  • What is personal data?

    Cloud storage and GDPR

    Discover storing encrypted personal data in the cloud: What is the most secure option? Read more

  • Cloud Security Comparison

    Cloud security checklist for GDPR compliance

    5 things to consider when choosing a file sync & sharing service with GDPR in mind Read more

  • GDPR expert tips

    Actionable tips on preparing for the GDPR

    Kickstart the compliance process of your SMB with these key steps Read more

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Whitepapers, ebooks & case studies

Get detailed information about GDPR requirements on cloud security and encryption.

  • GDPR Compliance eBook

    GDPR Compliance eBook

    Learn more about getting ready for the GDPR. Read more

  • GDPR & Encryption Whitepaper

    GDPR & Encryption Whitepaper

    Understand how encryption helps your business comply. Read more

  • 7 ways Tresorit helps with GDPR compliance

    7 ways Tresorit helps with GDPR compliance

    Learn how Tresorit can help avoid the most common data breaches Read more

Data sheets

Concise and easy-to-understand materials on how Tresorit helps you get ready for the GDPR

  • Tresorit features for GDPR compliance
    Data sheet

    Tresorit features for GDPR compliance

    Summary of getting ready for the GDPR with Tresorit. Read more

  • Encryption & the GDPR
    Data sheet

    Encryption & the GDPR

    Understand how Tresorit's encryption helps your business comply. Read more