Share files securely. Stay in control of your data.

Protect your company’s data with zero-knowledge end-to-end encryption when sharing files inside or outside your organization. Keep your files in sight long after they’ve been shared.

Start sharing your files securely right away.

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Grow your business confidently by securing your file transfers

Data transfers are crucial to running a business in the digital age but this has led to new challenges. The exponential increase in data shared online, an emerging fast-paced working culture, and limitless remote collaboration pose significant risks to companies. Your most valuable data is constantly being exposed to a myriad of security and privacy threats:

  • Human error and unsecured communication channels


    of data breaches caused by human error [1]

  • Increasing file sizes, data volume, and number of users


    zettabytes of digital data expected
    worldwide by 2025

  • No control over what happens to files once they are shared with external parties


    of companies say loss of control over
    shared files critical security risk [2]

  • Demand for secure and flexible tools to enable work from anywhere


    of employees expect flexible work
    post-pandemic [3]

At Tresorit, we believe that

sharing files doesnt have to compromise security_

control over your data is not a luxury, but a right

Tresorit’s end-to-end-encrypted files transfer solution enables companies to carry out their business confidently.

Our easy-to-use end-to-end-encrypted file sharing service helps you share data internally and externally in an ultra-secure and compliant way.

Advanced security features ensure you retain control over who accesses your files – when, where, and how.

Boost your team’s productivity and security with end-to-end-encrypted file sharing

Send secure files using end-to-end-encrypted links

Exchange files securely with clients, partners, and other teams using encrypted links.

Ultra-secure share links enable encrypted document and folder sharing with anyone in just a few clicks, even if they don’t have a Tresorit account.

Collect files from anyone, anywhere with secure, encrypted file requests.

Prevent data breaches due to human error, unauthorized access, loss or theft

Mitigate insider and outsider data security threats with encrypted document sharing.

Supercharge the security of your shared files with expiration dates, passwords, and email verification. Never lose control of your files by limiting access to selected partners.

Disable downloads or add watermarks to protect highly sensitive data.

Govern the flow of your company’s content

Nurture secure sharing habits by defining who can share files, with whom, and when.

With security policies applied at team or department level, your admins can enforce link restrictions or auto-delete sensitive files once they’ve been shared.

Encrypt even large attachments automatically in Gmail and Outlook

Help teams work efficiently and send encrypted emails by integrating Tresorit with Outlook or Gmail extensions.

Our add-ins make it easy for your teams to replace risky attachments with encrypted share links using their existing email address.

Empower your employees to share files securely anywhere, anytime

Ensure remote teams can stay productive without ever compromising security.

No matter where and when they work, team members can access the latest file versions on all mobile devices, mark files as ‘editing’, and save files for offline use.

Tresorits award-winning cryptographic technologies focus on keeping your data secure and you in control without getting in the way.

We make privacy simple thats who we are.

Read our full survey report to learn more about:

  • The key findings & in-depth analysis of our survey on European companies’ file sharing practices, tool usage, E2EE adoption & other data protection measures
  • Useful insights & tips addressing the trends and practices concluded from our research

To learn more about how we handle your data, please read our Privacy Policy.


Remove the risks of sharing confidential information internally or externally

Frequently asked questions

    • End-to-end-encrypted file transfer is the most secure way to exchange files and documents.
      Using client-side end-to-end encryption coupled with zero-knowledge authentication, Tresorit encrypts every file and relevant metadata on your devices with unique, randomly generated encryption keys. These keys are never sent to our servers unencrypted. This means only data owners and any intended recipients can access the data stored in Tresorit, allowing you to share files with trusted recipients in full confidence.
      Learn more about Tresorit’s security
    • We’ve designed Tresorit with a simple fact in mind: People don’t use complex security features that get in the way of getting things done. That’s why Tresorit provides you with different options to share your data in a convenient and secure manner.
      Sharing via secure links, collaborating in folders or sending encrypted attachments right from your email client – thanks to the various ways of sharing, Tresorit is always at your fingertips to help you protect valuable data.
      Learn more about our sharing options
    • Different file sharing methods and security features ensure you retain maximum control over your data.
      You have the option to define recipients by requiring email verification, adding passwords, or restricting access to allowed users specified at the email address or domain level. Access logs can be used to monitor who has opened the shared file, when, and on what kind of device. Additional features such as adding watermarks and disabling downloads ensure greater file security.
      Learn more about Tresorit’s control features for shared files
    • Tresorit enables secure two-way file sharing between organizations and external parties using secure links and file requests.
      You can easily exchange files stored in Tresorit with collaborators who don’t have a Tresorit account. Send secure links via your Tresorit app, or our Outlook and Gmail add-ins. However, external collaboration often requires two-way communication and a secure way of collecting sensitive files from your external parties, such as contracts, tax documents, financial or personal data. In these cases, you can create end-to-end-encrypted file requests that allow external parties to upload files directly to your fully protected Tresorit workspace.
      Learn more about file request
    • The Tresorit Admin Center is a purpose-built tool to help admins stay on top of company file activities regardless of your organization’s size.
      Deployment to the workflows of large teams is supported by our integrations and features for workspace admins. SSO support, team-level and role-based security policies, and reports on user and file activities ensure your admins have all the data they need to ensure your files are being kept safe.
      Learn more about sharing policies and other admin controls
    • Security and privacy are key principles of how we operate. Our zero-knowledge end-to-end encryption (e2ee) provides the highest level of security and privacy for sensitive company data. We comply with the strictest security standards and protect all data in line with Swiss privacy laws.
      All data stored in Tresorit is only accessible to you and your intended recipients. Tresorit’s client-side encryption means that we cannot decrypt your files to hand them over to law enforcement because we don’t hold the encryption keys, or your passwords.
      Tresorit handles data according to Swiss privacy laws that guarantee one of the highest standards of data protection worldwide. By offering data residency options in various countries, we allow companies to decide where they want to store their data. Tresorit is ISO-certified and provides compliance with various local and industry regulations, including GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, FINRA, and TISAX.
      Learn more about Tresorit’s security