AYO.Live and CARET: Welcome to team end-to-end encryption

AYO.Live and CARET: Welcome to team end-to-end encryption

We’re happy to announce that two new apps built with ZeroKit have gone live. CARET and AYO.Live find new ways to connect people while protecting user messages with end-to-end encryption.

Our ZeroKit helps developers easily build secure apps in data-sensitive areas like digital health or realtime collaboration. Instead of going through the hassle and complexity of writing crypto code from scratch, developers can use our toolkit to integrate breach-proof encryption and user authentication technology. This allows them to focus on their core value propositions while safeguarding user data.

“We learned that in the era of end-to-end encryption, user authentication became the weakest link in the chain. Therefore, we combined authentication and data encryption in ZeroKit to deliver a full solution to developers, that’s also easy to integrate into their apps” – says our David Szabo, SVP of ZeroKit.

Developing connectivity and social apps with privacy in focus from the start can present several challenges. CARET and AYO.Live, the latest startups to integrate ZeroKit have both found solutions to these. We talked to them about what they do and why they think privacy and security are crucial for their apps.

CARET: Context-aware status sharing

“The phones became smart, but the calls remained the same trial and error just like a century ago. We don’t know if the person we call is available to talk or not. CARET solves this problem by automatically assigning real-time presence information to phone numbers by harnessing the built-in sensors of the smart devices”, said Jozsef Patvarczki, co-founder, and CTO of CARET.

“Privacy in CARET is assured by a user-controlled group-based status sharing and end-to-end encryption. We authenticate users and encrypt messages with ZeroKit”, he added.

CARET is taking privacy by design seriously: it only utilizes telephone numbers that are in valid format without any stored names or further metadata from your address book. Users have the capability to fill out their CARET profile and assign or change information to their registered phone numbers anytime. With CARET, the users are in complete control over who sees what about them, thanks to privacy groups. Also, CARET doesn’t merge contact information from other social apps.

AYO.Live: Video streaming done differently

AYO.Live turns social networks upside down: instead of joining already existing feeds, AYO enables users to request anything they want to discuss or experience using live video streaming.

“We believe our greatest opportunity to empower and connect people in real-time is by enabling the real-time access to good people, experiences and ideas in a personal, relevant and secure way”, explained Ryan Ronquillo, founder, and CEO of AYO.Live.

AYO is using ZeroKit’s zero knowledge user authentication and end-to-end encryption to keep its app and user messages safe from hackers. Besides, AYO.Live allows users to create private broadcasting to a select group of people, set timers for self-destructing messages and has simple reporting and comment moderation tools.