Beyond Security: Elevating Office Efficiency with Encrypted Email Solutions

Beyond Security: Elevating Office Efficiency with Encrypted Email Solutions

Skip time wasted worrying about cybersecurity and get things done quicker by auto-encrypting email communication

In times of frequent successful phishing attacks, communication via email seems to be about as confidential as sending a postcard. Nevertheless, not everyone secures this channel. Let's look at why this is the case and how email encryption needs to be implemented to increase not only security but also office efficiency.

One reason for reluctance in many places is the cumbersome operation of conventional encryption solutions. Not only does this overwhelm employees, but it also inhibits their productivity.

In our “Beyond Security” series, we’re focusing on how organizations can use solutions like the Tresorit platform and add-on applications to improve productivity while mitigating cyberrisks.

So, if you don't want confidential information and attachments to fall into the hands of unauthorized persons and frustrate employees, you should get to grips with user-friendly email encryption by reading on.

The Challenge of Conventional Solutions

Of course, mobile messengers, desktop communication apps, and shared cloud productivity boards have all become modern office mainstays. But this hyper-connectivity also has potential pitfalls, leading more and more users to rediscover email.

Both cybercriminals and regulators have taken notice, and recently, a German labor court emphasized in a ruling that unencrypted emails do not meet the data protection requirements of the GDPR and therefore do not guarantee the adequate security of personal data.

Yet despite these endorsements, encrypted email has a poor reputation. Many companies dismiss encrypted email as unwieldy, time-consuming, and difficult to use — often not realizing that modern encryption tools integrate directly with mainstream email solutions such as Outlook.

In fact, taking the leap to encrypted email can have distinct benefits for the productivity and efficiency of teams.

A united solution

Encrypted email benefits businesses by bringing all office communications under a single roof.

In larger firms, different departments can often find themselves split along a digital divide, relying on different communication platforms that better serve their needs. Encrypted email’s higher level of security means that it’s suitable for departments that deal with a whole host of sensitive information: from R&D and finance to HR and legal.

At the same time, because encrypted email can be integrated directly into existing inboxes, it’s intuitive for teams that may not work with secure solutions in their day-to-day life. Messages and attachments can be found quickly and easily, without the need to constantly switch between different programs and devices.

Rather than being dragged from one messaging platform to another by a barrage of notifications, employees can focus on what really matters — providing real value for customers, clients, and more.

Looking Ahead: Maximizing Efficiency with Tresorit

With Tresorit, however, that’s not where the benefits end. Our encrypted email solution comes with a host of additional timesaving tools. Users can quickly revoke attachment or message access if an email is sent to the wrong person, reducing the likelihood of a potential data leak.

It’s also easy for IT admins to set company-wide rules or templates to auto-encrypt email communications. Our dedicated Admin Center allows organizations to choose whether sent messages or attachments are encrypted by default, or only when contacting certain users.

By harnessing encrypted email solutions and embracing a holistic approach to cybersecurity, businesses can unlock new levels of productivity and efficiency. With Tresorit's suite of tools, organizations can navigate the evolving digital landscape with confidence, knowing that their data remains secure and their teams empowered to succeed.

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