From pen and paper to online cloud within leadership services – a discussion with Christoffer Lindblad from Pelago

From pen and paper to online cloud within leadership services – a discussion with Christoffer Lindblad from Pelago

Every second week, we get to interview an expert from a specific industry to discuss trending topics in the spheres of privacy and security, as well as share some best practices when it comes to data protection and secure collaboration.

In the second episode of under CTRL we talked to Christoffer Lindblad, co-founder of the Swedish executive leadership firm Pelago. The company offers leadership services and works “with clients across their leadership agenda to create sustainable change.”

We were very interested to know more about how the pandemic affected their work and how they needed to transform to keep going, in terms of remote working and secure communication with clients.

Luckily in Pelago’s case, when they founded the company 3 years ago, they decided to go digital right away. So when the pandemic hit the Nordics, they were able to quickly adapt and switch to fully digital mode with online meetings, digital contracting processes and signatures, while the transformation for other companies is only happening now – and painfully.

Pelago sees technology as a big enabler which makes their work more flexible. They handle lot of personal information like psychological test results and candidate information, so the ability to communicate securely with their clients is paramount. Technology enables them to run their services smoothly and have cleaner and securely accessible data.

While many see GDPR as a burden, Pelago used the rules to its advantage and integrated these into their business processes, so in the end, the regulation actually helped optimize their interactions with candidates. Adhering to the GDPR is something which is expected by some of their partners while others worry less about the security of their data. That being said, as a consultancy service, it is also part of the business to educate future leaders about the importance of cyber security - a responsibility which Pelago takes very seriously indeed.

Want to hear more about how Christoffer envisions the next generation of leaders and the future of digital transformation for several industries?

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