Global Encryption Day 2023: What it is and why it’s more important than ever

Global Encryption Day

In a world where our digital footprints are becoming more extensive and privacy is at stake, there's a vital celebration that every security-savvy individual should mark on their calendars: Global Encryption Day. As an unhackable productivity solutions provider with more than a decade of operational experience, Tresorit can attest that this year, the significance of Global Encryption Day has grown exponentially. Here’s why.

In the shadow of online surveillance advances and growing threats to cybersecurity, it's more critical than ever to advocate for end-to-end encryption and prioritize confidentiality-preserving tools and measures.

What is Global Encryption Day?

Global Encryption Day is a worldwide event celebrated annually on October 21st to raise awareness about the importance of encryption, privacy, and cybersecurity. It's a day when individuals and organizations come together to emphasize the pivotal role that encryption has played in safeguarding our online communications and data flows over the years.

By the way, when we talk about encryption at Tresorit, we are primarily talking about end-to-end encryption. It is one of the most robust and secure technical measures to date to protect confidential files and privacy on the internet.

Tresorit encrypts your files and relevant file metadata on your devices using unique and randomly generated encryption keys. These are never sent to our servers in an unencrypted way. Accessing your files is thus only possible with the unique decryption keys of those users who have access rights.

What’s more, Tresorit uses authentication in which your password never leaves your device. This way you stay in full control of your files, no matter the time, and no matter the place.

The growing need for encryption

As we celebrate Global Encryption Day in 2023, the importance of encryption has never been more apparent. Recent advances in chat control legislation and impacts of organized cybercrime have made it abundantly clear that business-critical digital assets and privacy is under constant threat.

In the face of these challenges, end-to-end encryption emerges as a beacon of privacy. Here's why encryption still is the ultimate safeguard for sensitive, personal, and customer data, among others:

  • Full control: With end-to-end encryption, you can have full control over your spreadsheets, messages, contracts, and data in general. Only you and the recipient decide what categories of data to protect using advanced control features, and only you have the keys to unlock the content, ensuring that no third party can access it.
  • No backdoors: Unlike what some voices might say, end-to-end encrypted systems don't have “backdoors,” neither for state-owned bodies nor cybercriminals. This means your data is genuinely secure and beyond the reach of surveillance.
  • Privacy by design: Encrypted communication tools like Threema or Signal are designed with privacy as a core principle. They prioritize the protection of user data, ensuring that your conversations remain private by design.
  • Secure collaboration: End-to-end encrypted platforms provide secure collaboration spaces for both businesses and individuals. Whether it's about working on confidential spreadsheets or signing documents from different locations, end-to-end encryption ensures the utmost security.

Celebrate Global Encryption Day, choose your tools wisely

On this day, let's give Global Encryption Day and the general welfare-enhancing technology it celebrates the attention they deserve and take a few inevitable steps to secure your phone from hackers, business-critical data from prying eyes, or your digital lives in general.

Besides using end-to-end encrypted messaging apps like the ones mentioned above, you could also choose e-mail software accordingly: Consider using services that offer strong encryption options and use encryption tools like Tutanota or Tresorit for secure e-mail communication.

Secure your devices by ensuring that your devices are protected with strong passwords – 1Password has got you covered with a standout password generator – and authentication. This includes your smartphones, laptops, and any other digital devices you use. In addition, you can use Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) like AnyConnect VPN to add an extra layer of security by encrypting both your desktop and mobile internet connections.

And finally, support privacy Advocates: Join or support organizations and initiatives that advocate for digital privacy and encryption. Your voice matters, and together, we can influence advances that align with human rights and protect our online privacy.

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Global Encryption Day is a reminder of the critical role encryption plays in our digital lives. As chat control advances cast a shadow over our privacy, it's imperative that we take steps to protect our personal information, conversations, and online activities. Encryption is not just a tool; it's a fundamental right that ensures our digital world remains secure and private.

Tresorit values privacy as a human right. To underline this statement once more, we have a special offer for you.