New feature: "Reporting"

New feature: "Reporting"

We are happy to introduce our new feature called Reporting. It’s a collection of reports which help business owners and IT managers oversee what’s happening in their Tresorit account.

Your responsibility is huge

Do you find it troublesome to oversee file activities in your company? Every company has at least one person responsible for securing the company’s most valuable asset: the data. In small and medium businesses, this is usually treated as a non-primary task. However, if that person is you in your company, you know a lot depends on this responsibility. It entails the provision of a trustworthy and secure solution which enables employees to work on company documents. However, simply setting up and running a content collaboration software is far from enough. It must be maintained and observed to understand user activities and most importantly to secure information flow while not negatively impacting daily work. Issues must be detected in advance and responded to on time; for example, a ransomware starting to evolve. It must be stopped before it causes too much harm, or even prevented from happening in the first place. Therefore, you need a trustworthy source of information to get useful insights on user actions, storage size and more.

One source of truth

With the new Reporting feature, Tresorit provides a centralized page for account admins with a wide range of reports. Get valuable insights on what teams work with and gain visibility and control over internal and shared content. Tresorit brings the tools you need to easily secure company documents. Track user activities, internal and external collaborations, general usage of the Tresorit account and more. Data can be exported and further analyzed for deeper insights.

When to useNew Tresorit feature: Reporting

There are many occasions when you should turn to Tresorit’s reports. With this new feature we made these use cases much easier.

  • Track team activity: See each member’s activity in Tresorit. See every internal or shared file your team manages or accesses, ensuring the right people are working on the right content.
  • Track a selected member’s recent activity: Oversee the work that happens both inside and outside your company on an individual level and change the permissions whenever a team member executes undesirable actions.
  • Tresor activity: View activities like document creation, deletion, and sharing for a certain tresor. This way you can keep an eye on what’s happening on a certain project, with a partner or with certain kinds of files, as well as who the most active collaborators are.
  • Monitor external sharing: You can export a list of external collaborators and the tresors they have access to. Prevent data loss by allowing external collaborators solely for the folders or files they should have access to.
  • Respond to issues: Whenever you discover an issue, Reporting can help you to trace back to the reasons why it could have happened. List the latest activities and see who and how could cause any anomalies.

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