New in Tresorit: Decide where to keep company data

After a one-month test period, we are very excited to introduce Data Residency Options at Tresorit. From now on, our customers have the option to keep their data in 7 new data locations: East and West US, UK, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, and France.

Data protection has been a hot topic for a while now. Not just because organizations collect and produce vast amounts of data which presents a target for hackers, but also because of the increasing number of regulations with stricter requirements than ever before. So far, regulatory requirements only mandated that organizations should do everything in their power to prevent unauthorized access, unauthorized disclosure or the loss of electronic information. However, a new trend has surfaced in recent years as government-issued regulations began putting a heavy emphasis on how to manage personal data stored on a regional scale. Depending on citizenship, Personally Identifiable Information (PII) should never leave the corresponding country. Securely storing data within regions comes as a serious challenge for most organizations, especially the ones with global operations spread across many countries. As a result, organizations nowadays want to store their data in specific regions in order to achieve effective risk mitigation, meet with regulatory compliance and even to be ready for upcoming compliance requirements in an ever-changing world.

Tresorit’s Data Residency Options help companies satisfy company policy or industry and geography-related regulations. Organizations with offices around the globe can keep their data in multiple countries, while ensuring frictionless collaboration between teams. Users can be assigned to data centers, guaranteeing that they will only be able to keep their data where they are supposed to.

Tresorit stores data in a fully encrypted format on Microsoft Azure data centers and provides data residency options in the UK, Ireland, USA, and Canada. Tresorit’s Zero-Knowledge principle makes sure that neither the service provider nor any other unauthorized 3rd parties have access to the data.

This will make it significantly easier for companies to comply with sector-specific regulations mandating data storage within the borders of a specific country. 

The Data Residency Options feature is incorporated in the Enterprise account and available for Business customers as an addon.

Read more about the Data Residency Options.

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