Meeting modern challenges: Tresorit expands its solution portfolio


Remote work changes how your employees collaborate with each other and with third-party contractors. Our secure workspace and easy-to-create workflows were the first step in realizing our larger vision.

At Tresorit, we believe that privacy is a human right. Too often, we heard that companies struggled to create a balance between security and usability. Security tools were cumbersome, creating burdensome processes. Our mission is to create a secure workspace that eliminates these barriers.

Tresorit’s vision is to give you full control over your data across all business processes while making it easier for employees to incorporate security and privacy into their daily activities. At each step in our product journey, we’ve moved closer to giving customers the easy-to-use security tool that fits seamlessly into workflows.

Starting with our secure workplace environment, moving into our external file sharing capabilities, and most recently with the addition of our email encryption solution - we focused on all the end users in customer organizations. Employees need an easy encryption solution. IT teams need visibility into risk. Compliance teams need documentation.

As we build out the next generation of Tresorit, we’re adding capabilities for more teams, including procurement and legal. Onboarding new customers, new employees, and new vendors requires signed documents. As your business grows, you collect and store more signed documents containing sensitive information. Building a secure contract management process is fundamental to ensuring that personal data stays private.

We don’t just listen to our customers’ challenges, we implement solutions. Evolving Tresorit means responding to challenges that customers face around signing business-critical documents. This is why in September 2022, we're introducing a Tresorit solution to create and automatically store documents requiring signatures in a single click, directly within your workspace. Everyone across the organization gets the same visibility, the same control, and the same security.

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