Tresorit x SwissSign: Making your eSignatures more secure than ever before

Tresorit & SwissSign, qualified electronic signature

Tresorit is expanding its secure digital workspace to give users access to qualified electronic signatures (QES).

QES is the most secure category of digital online signature outlined under European law. It’s characterized by its stringent legitimization procedure, which both identifies a document’s originator and guarantees the integrity of its content.

In Switzerland, a qualified electronic signature is legally equivalent to a handwritten signature (under Art. 14 (2) b of the Swiss Code of Obligations and Art. 2(e) of the Swiss Federal Act on Electronic Signature.)

Acting as the gold standard eSign solution in sectors such as healthcare, banking, the pharmaceutical industry, and the legal field, a QES is designed to give customers the utmost confidence when signing contracts or sharing confidential information, including financial reports, R&D materials, or legal documents.

At the same time, a QES has all the benefits of other categories of electronic signatures, allowing companies to complete transactions more easily, quickly, and efficiently. By transitioning to more environmentally friendly, paperless workflows, organizations no longer have to contend with documents being misplaced on messy desks or disappearing in the mail.

This shorter, more streamlined approach means that all paperwork, including PDFs, can be signed and completed faster, document search times are reduced, and files can consistently be accessed by all parties regardless of time or place — a must in the post-pandemic world.

Combined with Tresorit’s integrated encrypted cloud, where admins can personalize access authorizations and fine-tune audit-proof archiving, digital online signatures are a practical way to heighten document security, without impeding efficiency.

Tresorit users will be able to access QES tools through SwissIDSign, a platform created by Swiss Post subsidiary SwissSign. New customers can purchase SwissIDSign and Tresorit’s secure workplace tools as part of a discounted bundle through our webpage. Existing users can also access SwissIDSign’s QES at a special reduced price through the Tresorit admin center.

The QES offered by SwissIDSign currently only supports signatures in accordance with the Swiss Federal Act on Electronic Signatures (ESigA). It is therefore only legally valid and binding for contracts subject to Swiss law.