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Enabling secure collaboration: how Tresorit helped Viessmann regain control of their processes

A market leader in manufacturing required a solution to help protect confidential information and improve collaboration between teams.

As a company well versed with the requirements of digital transformation, Viessmann had already made significant changes to its ways of working in recent years. Browser based applications were commonplace throughout the company, and a migration to Google Workspace 5 years prior to Tresorit’s involvement had driven considerable efficiencies.

The next step in Viessmann’s transformation was adding an additional layer of security to departments like R&D and Procurement, who had previously edited and shared documents containing confidential information – like CAD models, patent data and functional specifications – using conventional (and, by definition, unsecure) methods.

Ready, steady, go: A smooth launch within just a few weeks

It was clear from the perspective of Viessmann that an upgrade was required to meet internal compliance standards when it came to storage and collaboration. Tresorit therefore emerged as a clear and cost-effective frontrunner and was selected for what proved to be a successful trial period.

Thanks to the support of Tresorit’s IT teams and a large database of training videos, onboarding took just 4 weeks and, with hundreds of licenses now activated across Viessmann’s most important departments, Tresorit has become a critical component within the company’s data transfer mechanisms.

Regaining control during internal & external collaboration exercises

End-to-end encryption is now a cornerstone of Viessmann’s data protection strategy, with Tresorit appointed as guardian of the company’s data hub, and the channels of collaboration used to communicate securely with suppliers, external partners and internal teams.

Understandably, our R&D and Procurement departments had become extremely cautious when it came to collaborating with external partners, suppliers and internal colleagues. Since the introduction of Tresorit, our confidential documents are only exchanged through Tresorit – and things have become secure, controlled and run smoother for all parties involved.
Felix NolteSolution Manager Workspace at Viessmann IT Service GmbH

Backed by Tresorit’s easy to use technology, the company have also built a set of clear access rights and responsibilities to govern exchanges with 3rd party suppliers and the handling of sensitive development data. This has streamlined Viessmann’s processes and made the process of file tracking simple - by providing Tresorit admin users enhanced levels of control and oversight through the platform’s insights and reporting dashboard. This makes the process of compiling monthly reports straightforward, as well as providing peace of mind to management.

Enabling remote work and a global roll-out of Tresorit technology

Whilst ensuring the security of company IP was the main driver behind the switch to Tresorit, being able to leverage a flexible tool for remote and mobile working was also an important selling point for Viessmann’s decisionmakers. This feature allowed the company to adapt quickly to remote work as the pandemic closed offices in Germany, forcing Viessmann to send almost 90% of its workforce home.

One can use Tresorit directly from their browser or the desktop app alike, which was critical for us as almost all of our applications are now browser-based. In addition, it makes it easy for our colleagues to work from home and quickly access documents from anywhere.
Felix NolteSolution Manager Workspace at Viessmann IT Service GmbH

Having an easy-to-use tool that could be directly accessed from a user’s browser has given Viessmann the flexibility to adapt to new circumstances and swiftly connect its employees from all over the world - paving the way for a roll-out that will offer end-to-end encryption to Viessmann’s data storage/file sharing solutions on a global scale!


Founded by Johann Viessmann in 1917, the Viessmann Group is a ‘global family business’ that employs over 12,000 people worldwide. As market leaders within the fields of climate solutions, refrigeration systems and industrial energy, the group thinks and acts long term - promoting environmental protection and sustainable investments in addition to its mainline of manufactured products.




Germany, Global



The challenge

  • Security risks within departments dealing with confidential data (R&D, Procurement)

  • A lack of consistent data sharing processes and controls

  • Over-use of IT resource through cumbersome tool onboarding processes and onboarding requiring high IT support

  • An increased need for secure collaboration tools within mobile and remote teams

Tresorit’s solution

  • Secure data exchange for highly sensitive R&D/Procurement documents

  • A unified approach for sharing documents and access control

  • A user-friendly collaboration tool requiring low levels of onboarding and support

  • Access to Tresorit from all devices and platforms for remote and mobile teams

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