Realm and ZeroKit

Your end-to-end encrypted Realm with ultra-secure user auth

Build end-to-end encrypted mobile apps, faster

  • End-to-End encrypted

    Ultra-secure user authentication

    Protect user identity and passwords with zero-knowledge technology using the Augmented Password Authenticated Key Agreement (PAKE) protocol.

  • End-to-End encrypted

    Realtime two-way sync

    Automatic and seamless realtime data sync between server and devices across iOS and Android. Never write networking code again.

  • End-to-End encrypted

    End-to-end encrypted

    Secure the shared data with end-to-end encryption. Protect the privacy of your users in any app with realtime collaboration from digital health to productivity.

Develop with Realm, encrypted

  • Realtime collaboration

    Realtime collaboration

    Create realtime collaborative experiences while protecting the shared data with end-to-end encryption.

  • Two-way data sync

    Two-way data sync

    Build apps with realtime data sync and automatic conflict resolution.

  • Messaging

    Secure messaging

    Share text, images, maps, or custom data in realtime with end-to-end encryption.

  • API bridge

    API bridge

    Easily connect your mobile apps to existing systems and APIs. Keep everything end-to-end encrypted.

For those who don't want to home-brew end-to-end encryption

  • iOS
  • Android

class ChatMsg: Object {

private dynamic var msg = ""

dynamic var sender = ""

dynamic var tresorId = "" // Unique ID for keychain that holds keys to this chat.

func getMsg(completion: @escaping (String?, Error?) -> Void) {

let zeroKit = ... // Aquire your ZeroKit instance.

zeroKit.decrypt(cipherText: msg) { plainText, error in

// Either plainText or error. Error if user doesn’t have access to the keychain.

completion(plainText, error)



func setMsg(_ value: String, completion: @escaping (Error?) -> Void) {

let zeroKit = ... // Aquire your ZeroKit instance.

zeroKit.encrypt(plainText: value, inTresor: tresorId) { [weak self] cipherText, error in

if let cipherText = cipherText, let sself = self {

// Set value in object after encryption.

try! sself.realm?.write {

sself.msg = cipherText



} else {

// Error if user doesn’t have access to the keychain.






public class chatMsg extends RealmObject {

private String msg;

private String sender;

private String tresorId; //Unique ID for keychain that holds keys to this chat

public void setMsg(String msg) {

//Encrypt message

Response<String, ResponseZerokitError> response = Zerokit.getInstance().encrypt(tresorId, msg).execute();

if (!response.isError())

this.msg = response.getResult();


//Error if user doesn’t have access to the keychain



public String getMsg() {

//Decrypt message

Response<String, ResponseZerokitError> response = Zerokit.getInstance().decrypt(msg).execute();

if (!response.isError())

return response.getResult();


//Error if user doesn’t have access to the keychain





Hacker-proof encryption

  • $50K prize
  • 1056 hackers
  • 468 days
  • 0 hacks

“More than 1,000 hackers, including MIT, Stanford and Harvard have failed to break in”


Realm & ZeroKit provides and end-to-end encrypted platform for realtime reactive mobile apps. Read more

ZeroKit is available on the Azure Marketplace.

LifeRay developed Safetuned, a secure, encrypted module for their enterprise platform.

AYO is a social app with live video streaming. They use ZeroKit to develop an end-to-end encrypted, private messenger.

ZeroKit makes digital health apps developed with Apple's CareKit framework secure. Read more

Caret is a smart address book for your phone including a secure messenger.

Ambulapps is building a mobile doctor-patient engagement app with Realm & ZeroKit.

Riverbay Softworks uses Realm & ZeroKit to help allergists treat patients via iPhones and iPads.


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“The security firm Tresorit offers increased privacy options to developers using Apple's CareKit platform. This option will help apps reach HIPAA compliance.”

Digital Trends

“Tresorit, the encrypted cloud storage company launches free end-to-end encryption services for nonprofits and activists to secure their communications and data.”

Business Insider

“Apple is increasing the security of CareKit, its health app framework, by offering an integration with ZeroKit, developed by security firm, Tresorit.”

tom's IT PRO

“Tresorit is among the top companies that compete in secure cloud storage, and it offers lots of flexibility for businesses.”


“More than 1,000 hackers, including MIT, Stanford and Harvard have failed
to break into Tresorit's system”

Tech Republic

“Tresorit is an enterprise cloud standout with security features galore”

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