Trusted network: business and proprietary data in the best hands possible

A Nevada health care company needed a cloud-based file storage solution that was easy to use and ticked all the boxes on the HIPAA compliance checklist

Network effect: helping millions by simplifying health care transactions

“We’re a national health care company in the US. We process medical claims for the insurance industry and have about 300,000 health care providers within our network,” Seth Breeden, COO of ACPN says. Short for America's Choice Provider Network, ACPN was founded in 2012. Seth and his team have built the company’s proprietary network and technology with one goal in mind; to make health care transactions less painful for everyone. More specifically, they wanted to achieve consistency in the transactions, simplify claims adjudication processes, create reasonable reimbursement arrangements and establish reliable health care access for all parties involved.

Today, ACPN’s network covers 50 states, as well as Canada, the Dominican Republic, Guam, Mexico and Puerto Rico. The independent, multi-specialty provider network has been joined by more than 1,700 payers so far, and over 28 million American and 750,000 international patients have access to their services through a client base that includes insurance carriers, third-party administrators, health and welfare funds, employer groups and self-insured health plans. With growth at this rate, however, there was another thing the company saw a rapid rise of; data.

Maximum security, minimal hassle

Information about business partners, contracts and the mass of proprietary data the company has accumulated over the years needed to be stored somewhere. And as their team grew, team members also needed a way to access these documents quickly, and without any technical or privacy concerns. Seth first decided to go with the obvious choice. “We were using Dropbox just because we needed a cloud storage service and simply that was the first one that we’ve come across,” Seth recalls. He continues: “We wanted to switch providers because we realised that we needed something that’s much easier to use and has more features. Dropbox seemed pretty basic.”

One of the things that tipped the scales in Tresorit’s favour was its zero-knowledge technology, which essentially makes its tresors a bullet-proof place to store, sync and share files from anywhere, anytime.

Seth Breeden
Seth Breeden COO

Zero-knowledge privacy means that no one, not even Tresorit, can look into the content of the files shared or stored except for the people who have permission to. It’s an automatic, built-in feature that safeguards confidential documents from unwanted, unnecessary or unauthorised access. “We thought that this was very important. Plus, Tresorit lets us share documents with people outside of our Tresorit user group and the organisation through secure share links. Creating share links are much easier for us than using a separate system for sending secure emails. I just set up a secure share link and send it in a regular email. Easy as that,” Seth explains.

From basic features to full control

“Tresorit was also the only service provider who was willing to sign a BAA which, being a health care company, is absolutely necessary for us to have,” Seth adds. Under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, aka HIPAA, business associate agreements (BAAs) are contracts that health care providers must sign with suppliers who might get access to protected health information. If they fail to do so, the legal ramifications can be severe. Tresorit’s secure file storage and sharing solution is in full compliance with HIPAA requirements, allowing health care professionals to access files anywhere and collaborate in and outside of their organisations, while keeping protected health information safe and sensitive patient records secure. Replacing risky email attachments and file transfer methods is a real game-changer for patient safety.

Seth and his team also swear by the tresors’ added control options. “When sharing sensitive files, we usually set password protection and an expiration date. And we also limit the number of downloads,” he says. These features essentially let users grant limited access to documents for a limited amount of time or for a limited number of opens. The share link automatically expires once any of these limits has been reached. Besides absolute security, convenience and robustness are also something ACPN team members appreciate when uploading and managing documents. Seth explains: “As I’ve mentioned, we currently work with 300,000 different service providers, which means a ton of documentation that takes up tons of storage. It’s great that we can access all our documents through Tresorit from anywhere without having to store them locally. It’s reliable, easy to use and affordable. It’s worth it.”

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  • Handling sensitive business and proprietary information

  • Dropbox didn’t offer the level of functionality they needed

  • Storing massive amounts of documents that eat up disk space

  • Signing a BAA was non-negotiable


  • All-round solution for storing and safeguarding files in the cloud

  • Zero-knowledge encryption to fend off unauthorised access

  • Secure share links allow quick and safe file sharing

  • Compliant with HIPAA Privacy Rule

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