Need for speed: Swift and secure content collaboration with Tresorit

Global headhunting company boosts efficiency and safeguards sensitive information stored and shared in the cloud

Borderless content collaboration: easier said than done?

For Thomas Zahlten, founder and managing director of Vienna-based headhunting firm Breadhunter, work knows no borders. His company, in partnership with a network of small recruitment agencies scattered around the world, spearheads global executive searches in a broad range of industries, including manufacturing, automotive, oil & gas, FMCG and pharmaceutical sectors.

With projects from Hong Kong, Vienna to New York, and everywhere in between, remote working and content collaboration becomes an inevitable everyday reality. And as such, a highly business-critical matter. When sharing, uploading and downloading documents across oceans, continents and time zones, you simply cannot afford to compromise on either security or ease of use. “We have tried different cloud-based content collaboration solutions but kept running into one problem or another,” Thomas recalls. “With one of the providers, it was unclear who will have access to a candidate’s confidential data after we have shared it via a link. Another solution seemed secure enough but the implementation process was way too complicated. Or the problem was that uploading and sharing large amount of data took ages.”

The S factor: speed and safety

Thomas likes to keep up-to-date with the latest tools in the market, and that is how he came across Tresorit. “I decided to give it a go and have been using it for about a year now. In fact, I have just upgraded to the business solution,” he says.

What won me over in the first place was how easy-to-understand and easy-to-use Tresorit is, both on mobile and desktop. I liked the simple, clear interface and that it only takes a few seconds to drag and drop a folder into the cloud, no matter where you are.

Gregory Gulliver
Thomas Zahlten Founder and Managing Director, Breadhunter

Security and GDPR compliance were also high on Breadhunter’s list of priorities. And rightly so: the company regularly backs up sensitive internal information like legal agreements, tax reports and bank statements in the cloud, as well as shares large volumes of confidential data with its partners and clients, from contracts to resumes and candidate reports. Tresorit’s end-to-end encryption means that all data is encrypted automatically before it leaves a device so it cannot be accessed by system administrators or even the service provider.

Boosting security, productivity and satisfaction

Documents can be protected further by setting up passwords, limiting the number of downloads or adding an expiry date. “Working with so many partners, clients and freelancers, it really puts my mind at rest that we have total control over who has access to the data and for how long, and if need be, we can also revoke access with a couple of clicks,” explains Thomas. “It’s also great that you can set different user access levels, from viewing to editing and sharing or screenshotting a file, and even decide where it can be accessed from.”

Feedback has been positive across the board. “Our partners and clients like to use Tresorit for storing and sharing data, and feel much safer in the cloud,” says Thomas. Not to mention that collaborating with colleagues remotely and working on the go have become pretty painless. “You can easily check a file’s history, restore previous versions, sync folders in the background and move across devices. It’s as easy as it gets.”

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Breadhunter is a global headhunting company specialized in executive search projects, working in collaboration with partners in 60 countries around the world.


Human resources






  • Sharing confidential information with partners and clients around the globe

  • Implementing a secure solution that is accessible and easy to use across platforms, and enables smooth remote collaboration

  • Syncing data is slow and complicated or not breach-proof


  • Total control over who has access to confidential documents, to what degree and for how long

  • Fast, user-friendly and secure content collaboration, even on the go

  • Automatic end-to-end encryption

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