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The heartbreaking experience of losing work stored on hard drives

Will's story begins with the loss of an irreplaceable item. Last summer Will, a filmmaker from Texas, started working on a documentary about a kid named Kyle diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a muscle disease. Kyle and his friends, wanting to commemorate their college years together, planned one final road trip and tabbed Will's company to help film the journey. After half a year editing, the unthinkable happened. On February 2, in the middle of the night, a thief broke into Will's car and stole the bag that happened to hold all of his footage. "It was heartbreaking. A total freak accident" - Will remembers. Earlier that day, his business partner had given him several hard drives to backup the footage. But the backups got mixed in with the primary drives, and, after literally months of searching, Will didn’t have a single frame to show.

Rethinking the way business data is protected

The experience of losing the film forced Will to rethink the way he protected himself - not only his personal information, but for his business as well. "I wasn’t even certain a solution existed. On one hand, I felt like anything I kept on a hard drive, computer, or laptop could just get stolen again. On the other hand, I didn’t trust most cloud-based storage systems since a number had experienced massive data breaches in the past." explains the dilemma Will faced at the time.

As soon as I looked into Tresorit, I knew they were different. Tresorit values the security of my business unlike anybody else. Contrary to mainstream providers like Dropbox, Tresorit uses end-to-end encryption to guarantee that my files are safe in the cloud.

Will Bakke
Will Bakke, Founder, Riot Studios

Peace of mind that the business is safe

"As soon as I looked into Tresorit, I knew they were different. Tresorit really understood the paranoia filmmakers can face in protecting their footage and they valued the security of my business unlike anybody else." Unlike mainstream providers like Dropbox, Tresorit uses a zero-knowledge, end-to-end encryption system enabling only Will and his team to access their files. Tresorit doesn’t even store passwords on its servers, meaning that even if the system was breached, there’s no way a hacker could decrypt the files. Apart from providing top level security, Tresorit also offers flexibility for Riot Studios by allowing access to footage and data safely from anywhere, even on smartphones. "For the first time, I had peace of mind that my work and my business were safe. I’m really glad to have a solution as reliable as Tresorit. I use it to store my film footage, protect my business, and reassure myself that this house can never burn down again." explains Will.

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Riot Studios


Riot Studios is an award-winning film production company located in Austin, Texas.


Media Production






  • Work with footage protected by intellectual property rights

  • Data stored on hard drives can be stolen

  • Mainstream cloud-based storage systems can be hacked


  • Top level security and flexibility to access footage safely from anywhere

  • Files deleted accidentally or due to ransomware can be restored

  • End-to-end encryption makes data less attractive to hackers

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